Best Portable massage chair Buying guide

As you get older, like me – I am 42 you begin to have joints and back problems. For me its the knees and a little back pain. Back pain is more for those who sit on chairs at office for hours on end. Unfortunately many chair are not ergonomic which spells trouble in the form of back pain. Hectic work schedules also contribute to the general malaise and pain popping up in all kinds of places. One of the ways that you can minimize these problem chi thorough massage- and one of the ways of doing that it to acquire your own massage chair. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars in massage parlor , you can do so in the comfort of your own home, watching your favorite show and holding your cocktail of chair in your hand— makes me feel relaxed already. For others, in the physical therapy business , massage chairs are part of their tools. They require portable massages chairs in order to easily move them from place to place.

However before you buy a massage chair its very important to understand the different types of massage chair that are available and the different price points as well as other additional features f different chairs so that you can make an informed decision based on your needs.

Massage chairs come in three to eight programs that are pre-set. Others have customization setting options .
There are also three dimensional robot foot and calf massages These will sooth your tired feet as they also serve as footrest.

The Acupoint Detection System

This is a technology that will scan you back and set pressure points for which to target during massage.

Combination Massage
This is a combo of two techniques which will lead to a more comprehensive massage experience.

Oakworks vs Earthlite portable massage chairs- which are better?

Compression Massage Technique
This technique is one of our favorite technique which aims at the muscles alongside your spine .It feels like a professional masseuse is pushing on your muscles. This is great for people like me with some back pain. It also improve posture and mobility.

Cup Holder
Some models have a cup place holder so that you can enjoy your favorite cocktail as you get a massage.

Ergonomic Contours
This provides a great back support , such as you feel when you sit back in the cushy luxurious seats of a luxury vehicle. Indeed you don’t need to have the massage function on to be comfortable with great back support.

Foot/Calf and Ankle Massage

Some massage chairs come with ankle, foot and calf massagers. This provides kneading massages that greatly improves blood circulation in the legs . It is a sure way to release pressure of sore and tired muscles . However some chairs come without this option- but some can be connected to a foot and calf massager.

Full Back Massage
This is fancy way of saying a good back kneading and rolling foam your shoulders all the way down to your lower back. Again one of my favorite massages.

Full-Body Stretching
Some massages chairs will hold your legs gently as thy recline engaging you in a full stretch while massage your back at the same time.

Hawaiian Massage Technique
Basically this is a soft gentle up and down motions on your back.

Kneading Massage Technique
This is a technique that goes really deep through a kneading motion. It will relax your muscles as well as improve blood circulation. Studies show that it also removes toxins from muscles . Basically the massage chair will knead you gently on both sides of the spine.

Lower Back Massage
The auto massage program will spend some additional time on your lower back before moving up .

Massage Controller
This is an ability to customize your massage by choosing for a full back, targeted massage or one of the other options that come with your chair. The controllers can be accessed while docked all removed for operation much like the airplane remote control on the arm of the seats.

Cover Material

There are different options and choices out there included leather , synthetic leather and other materials.

Memory Form Seat Pad
These pads will mold to the contours of your body which ensure optimal comfort for any user.

Neck and Shoulder Massage
Similar to the Lower back massage option, you can have an auto massage for the neck and shoulders. You set an amount of time to focus on your upper back area .

Number of Motors
Massage chairs come with motors -much like cars have pistons. The more the better. When these motors work independently of each other they provides a better massage as they are able to target different points at the same time.

Percussion Massage Technique
This refers to those fast strokes that are great for the spinal muscles and joint areas. These motions relieve pressure on the spine and completely reinvigorates the entire back , reducing tensions and cramps . You will have better blood circulation as well as stronger muscles in your spinal area.

Reclining Buttons
These buttons will enable you to set and adjust angles of almost every moving part including head rests, leg rest etc.

Upper and Lower Back Heat
This is a heat that is applied to prepare muscles to benefit from a back massage.

Seat Vibration
This is a feature that vibrates your hamstrings and glutes. However it is available in high end passage chairs.

Swedish Massage Technique
You may be familiar with this technique which basically relaxes muscles by pressing them against deeper muscles and bones and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of the blood. This is a deep relaxing massage technique.

Rolling Massage Technique
If you have ever had those roller that remove lint from your jacket- then this technique is similar. It goes up and down your back relaxing your muscle sand giving you that deep massage.

Zero Gravity

The chair will position the body in a neutral almost weightless position and puts the legs at a higher level than the heart. This has the effect of reliving weight from the spine and enabling sore muscles to relax.

Portable Massage buying guide
Whether you are purchasing the massage chair for personal use or for a physical therapy business – its important to ensure that you get the right seat for the job. For portable seats you should aim for solid construction but ALSO lightweight materials .
Some of the most important parts are the frame . They should be made of steel , aluminum or aircraft grade aluminum steel . Aluminum frames are the lightest. However for more durable frames the aircraft grade aluminum is better.

The foam or padding is also important. High density foam at the base will ensure long life while a top plush layer ensures user comfort. If the foam is high quality it can last a long time.

Face Cradle
You should look for the fully adjustable cradle. It should be attached either by one or two posts. The single post is easier design but the double post is more complex but easier to adjust.

Chair Weight

If you don’t plan to move the chair around , then weight may not be a big factor . But if you do, you want to find the lighter weight chairs . Again the material from which the foam is made makes the biggest difference in the weight. The aluminum chair are lightest.

Weight Capacity
You should take into consideration your weigh tor that of your client as you decide what chair to buy. The higher the weight capacity the heavier the chair is likely to be.

Some chairs have few levers and knobs and therefore are easier to fold or set up. However more adjustment ( more knobs and levers means greater flexibility for your or your clients. However it important to make sure that your seat, pad, face cradle are all adjustable. If you have an idea of how big or small the potential users will be , then you will be better able to pick a chair that can fit their needs.

Added Features

If you transport your massage chair, you’ll want a carry case to protect the chair and make it easier to carry. There are also additional options such as sternum pads, wheel or side pouches for clients jewelry.

Its important to fully understand the warranty and what it covers. This will give you the peace of mind that if something goes wrong you will be covered. If you buy a used massage chair the warranty may be expired or may have been transferred to third parties.. If buying a used chair make sure its in great condition because if anything goes wrong you will be responsible for repairs.


Massage chairs will help you relax , reduce stress ,minimize your risk of back and muscle pain and generally bring you better health outcomes . They will eventually save you hundreds in chiropractor bills. The best thing about massage chairs especially portable ones is that you can easily move them from one place to another , such as when you go on the road. Luckily more and more people are recognizing the importance of massage chairs and that is why their sales have skyrocketed .

Oakworks vs Earthlite portable massage chairs- which are better?